Amazing Service

“I was completely blown away at the level of service I received from Brandi’s Cleaning Service, LLC – it was completely different than any other company!”


Go the Extra Mile

This is the ABSOLUTE BEST CLEANING COMPANY in the Greater Suncoast Area! The work from Brooksville to St. Petersburg and from the Gulf Coast out to Wesley Chapel and Zephyrhills. They’ve done a Move In Cleaning of our new house; a Move Out Cleaning of our old house; and they’ve worked on three different properties for us over the last five years.

And they don’t just do cleaning services! I needed help setting up an outdoor gazebo. Chris jumped right in and even in the blazing hot sun, Chris and my husband got the gazebo up in about four hours. Afterwards, Chris wanted to help finish up a mulching task and would have if we didn’t hide the wheelbarrow and tools from him!

We’re always been impressed with their cleaning. They move things to find dust and dirt. They keep after something to make sure it shines (like our stainless steel appliances)! And they are very flexible given our weird travel and work schedule.

– Chris & JoAnn Aubry-Smith



I have been using the service for about a year and wouldn’t change it! Professional! Trustworthy! And they do an excellent job!

– Vanessa Sierra Lemus


Phenomenal Job

I have hired Brandi’s Cleaning Service a few times, and I could not be happier. They just finished a “move out” on one of our properties and it had me second guessing if I really wanted to sell it. Phenomenal job! Thank you Brandi and Chris! Will definitely recommend you to friends and family.

– Stacey Campbell Dlugosz



Simply the Best

I have been using Brandi’s Cleaning Service for about a year now, and at this point, I cannot live without her! I’ll give you a little background on me. I’m a working mom of 2 kids who also goes to school part time. Needless to say, cleaning is the last thing on my mind! When I initially contacted Brandi, she came out to give me an estimate. I was so nervous that she was going to quote some astronomical price as the house had gotten really bad in terms of cleanliness. To my surprise Brandi was not only very professional, but she quoted me a very reasonable price for the initial clean. The day of the clean, I came home and was beyond amazed that Brandi and Chris were still there! She stated that they ended up taking a little longer than expected, but she had promised me a whole house clean and that’s what she was going to give me! By the time she was done the house was immaculate. I cannot remember a time it was so clean! I ended up paying Brandi a little extra for that day (although unlike OTHER companies she kept to her original quoted price) as I felt the quality of her work and the time spent far exceeded what I was paying! Following the initial clean, Brandi quoted me a monthly price and has been coming ever since. I get a text each month to schedule dates, and then again the day before to confirm a time. I look forward to the days that she comes as I know when I come home a weight is lifted off my shoulders. She continues to amaze me as I find new things she’s cleaned each time! One time, I checked in on my security cameras and found that they also pet and play with my dogs! My kids love coming home to see how their stuffed animals are arraigned on their beds as she usually puts them in cute little groupings. I have not been blessed with the cleaning gene myself, but lucky for us we have been blessed with Brandi! I cannot say enough about how amazing Brandi and her team are!

– Emily Eyth